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Get ready to unleash your creativity and find your inner artist.

A letter from Luana

‘Over a decade ago when I started my career as a makeup artist, I remember being told repeatedly by other big names in the industry that creative work does not pay the bills and is also not what ‘agencies’ want to see on a professional website.

Being a very creative person I found it hard to digest this ‘truth’ , and for a long time I put myself in that box, accepting this was the reality and mainly pushed my work towards the beauty world.

Fast forward many years, a pandemic has brought me a very precious thing: TIME. A time where all distractions were turned away or unavailable, and I had to look deep inside and question myself what I wanted to do with my career. That moment of stillness unleashed my creativity with such intensity and nothing could take that flow of creativity away from me.

During the time that allow me to disconnect from the outside noise, I also stopped following accounts that add nothing to my creative self, and purely focus on my creative journey and learned to be who I AM as an artist and walk freely.

While I had the opportunity to connect with myself during this time, I came to the realisation that I have put myself in box for a long time that doesn’t belong to me. That was their box, NOT mine. It’s a reality those artists decided to accept as being their truth but it is not mine. Their limiting beliefs on what the industry expects from us artists is limiting them, not me.  

After long few years of self-discovery, I’m here to connect, teach and guide other likeminded amazing artists, creatives, spiritual beings and anyone who have been in a box that doesn’t belong to them found the strength to break these patterns and is here to be creative, be connected, break rules and not follow the status quo.’


Ever wondered how to come up with unique creative ideas? Creativity is the ability we have to create, produce and invent something new, to transform situations and innovate things through the way we act. Creativity can come and go if you don’t give enough attention and nourish the ideas that come to mind. Let your creativity run wild and tap into your intuition to create something unique that represents the artist within you.

The Creative Workshops focuses on the creative process, facechart design, makeup design, makeup application or a combination of them all. Luana will share her wisdom on how to tap into your creative intuition and allow yourself to explore new ways of thinking. Through the course of the workshop, you will be giving the tools you need to find your state of flow while creating your mastery.

Learn to unleash your inner creative artist detach from distractions and the noise out there and reconnect with your creative self and intuition to create some amazing designs.

During these workshops you will learn to:

  • Overcome creative blocks
  • Develop new creative concepts
  • Explore new products, textures and colour combinations
  • define you artist’s identity
  • Prepare your own creative space
  • Set creative rituals to help you achieve mastery in your art


Whether you are an upcoming artist, is an aspiring makeup artist, is hosting a retreat, wants to assist your team with arts therapy or just love makeup and face chart painting, this is for you.

Luana’s workshops are designed for anyone who wants to unleash their creativity and creative thinking.

If this sounds like you…

Enlighten your path to creativity and give yourself permission to achieve your creative goals and develop creative habits while being open to new creative possibilities. The workshops are hands on and allow you to be in touch with your creative self and enjoy the creative journey whether you are designing face charts or creating some unique makeup looks.

Luana’s workshops are tailored specifically for each group to provide them with the best outcome.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today.