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Unleash your creative potential and take your career to a new level.

Including 5 unique makeup looks + colour theory and BONUS lessons on Developing a creative concept and mixing products.


Ever wonder why so many talented artists give up on their makeup careers? It’s because they end up just blending in instead of standing out! But guess what? We’ve got the solution to help you shine like a beauty superstar!

Get ready to level up your game with some seriously awesome techniques. We’re talking mind-blowing colour combinations, textures that will make heads turn, and the inside scoop on product ingredients that’ll make you a true master of your craft. Say goodbye to mediocrity and hello to mastery!

These classes experiences will transform the way you deliver and present your makeup looks. You’ll develop the tools and skills you need to create stronger, more innovative, more vibrant looks that excite the eye and capture the imagination.
Bring your career a step ahead by expanding your creative skills and rewriting your own beauty rules.

**Pay in 4 via PayPal**

You will receive access to all classes, including:

  • Colour Theory – the basics of colour theory & colour interaction: creating new looks using the colour theory
  • Tools for every application – the tools you need for every makeup application and what they are used for.
  • Makeup hygiene – how to keep your kit sanitised and professional.
  • The editorial skin – the secrets to the editorial skin.
  • FIVE Makeup looks:
    • The Bling – working with glitter
    • The Glossy – working with high gloss looks
    • Sweet Composition – mixing products to achieve a high-end editorial look.
    • Strawberries and Cream – create a look with cream products
    • Flare – think outside the box and create a look with embellishments


  • Mixing products – makeup cocktailing technique to create new products and expand your product knowledge.
  • Creative Concept – defining the creative concept and how to apply to your career

**Pay in 4 via PayPal**

This class is designed for creative minds that want to go a step beyond the existing beauty rules and think outside the box.

In each class Luana will share her techniques, the secrets to achieve a unique look, details about the creative process, tools you need to apply the makeup looks, colour theory and much more.

Within the classes, you’ll discover:

  • The art and science of mixing colours and textures
  • Create a perfect editorial skin
  • How to create high impact, high shine glossy looks
  • Develop a creative concept
  • All the ins and outs about colour theory and how the colours interact
  • What you need to know to really Bring the Bling
  • The secrets of using just one product type for the ultimate in beautiful, high-end results
  • Combining creative techniques with unique embellishments that truly bedazzle
  • What tools do you need for each application and how to keep your kit clean

**Pay in 4 via PayPal**

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this masterclass for?

  • Makeup artists wanting to gain new skills and techniques
  • Aspiring Makeup Artists with a flair to creative makeup
  • Artists seeking more experience in the editorial world.

Do I need to be a Makeup Artist to take this masterclass?

No! this course if for anyone who loves Makeup and editorial looks. It is a bonus if you have a good understanding in Makeup prior to starting.

How long is this masterclass

This class runs for 3 hours, it is hands on and interactive, please come prepared to either learn to apply the makeup on yourself or bring a model along to practice how to apply the makeup.

Where is the location

Classes are held a local community centre, classes can be organised anywhere around Sydney.

What do I need to bring to this masterclass

You are required to bring your own makeup kit (big or small), my own makeup kit will be available on the day should you not have certain products we will be using during the class.

You must bring your own set of clean brushes on the day.

Do I need to bring a model?

It is advised that you bring a model to practice the techniques. If you do not have anyone available on the day you can practice the makeup on yourself.

Can I get a Refund?

I am sorry to hear that you don’t feel like this course is the perfect fit for you! Unfortunately once you book this class it is non refundable. If there is a last minute emergency you can give your spot to a friend or family member to attend on your behalf.

Bring your career a step ahead by expanding your creative skills
and rewriting your own beauty rules

I’m thrilled to see you here! It’s time to unleash your inner makeup magician and take your skills to the next level!

For over more than a decade, I’ve been on a wild adventure, perfecting my craft at fashion shows, photo shoots, runways, and all sorts of glamorous events. My secret? Thinking beyond the ordinary and creating looks that defy expectations. That’s what has made me a sought-after makeup artist with my work gracing the pages of magazines and captivating audiences worldwide.

I bring together fresh vibes, fun energy, and the ever-evolving world of fashion. Keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest trends, I work side by side with fashion photographers, models, and stylists. Together, we create makeup magic that turns heads and sets trends. From natural, effortlessly beautiful looks to mind-blowing creations for the most dazzling fashion shows, I’ve got you covered!

But here’s the exciting part: I’m here to spill all my glittery secrets and help you soar in your career! Buckle up because my classes are packed with exclusive insider hacks that will skyrocket your skills. Get ready to conquer messy yet delicate products like a pro and master the art of creating show-stopping shine looks that will make jaws drop!

Why wait another moment to embark on this creative journey? It’s time to take that thrilling first step toward becoming an extraordinary artist. Get in touch with me today, and together, we’ll unleash your limitless imagination. Brace yourself for a makeup adventure where your artistry will reach breathtaking heights of brilliance. Prepare to make waves in the industry and leave an everlasting impression with your extraordinary creativity.

So, are you ready to dive into the world of makeup wonders? Let’s make magic happen! Contact me now and let’s get this fabulous journey started!

**Pay in 4 via PayPal**