FACE CHARTS: Painting with makeup

Makeup artistry is a creative field that is really only limited by the imagination of the artist. When exploring new designs and concepts, Face Charts offer a unique and innovative way to really unleash creative potential.

Makeup artists use face charting as a way to rewrite their own beauty rules. It is a true canvas for expression and an outlet for creativity. It also packs one heck of a visual punch! This medium allows for the development of fresh looks, the opportunity to experiment with products, and provides a way of visually demonstrating new and exciting trends and designs.

Face Charts can be used to develop and design editorial looks, to support brand and business campaigns and to promote new products.

Face charts are an incredibly expressive, diverse and creative way to elevate your brand. This powerful tool immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and allows them to feel and experience a look, long before any product has even touched their skin.

Luana Bickel is an expert Face Chart designer. As a naturally visual person, the process of face charting gives her the opportunity to illustrate her ideas on paper and bring them vibrantly to life. Her process begins by designing looks on specially crafted paper, mapping out where to place different products, as a blueprint of the final look. Using real products like eyeshadow, lipstick and blush, Luana uses this medium to gain clarity and confirm the direction of the overall image. She starts with a clean canvas then adding the skin tone, with contour and highlight to give her the base to create an amazing look, resulting in an end product that tells a story of beauty and creative expression.

At Luana Bickel Creative Studio, you can take the online class to learn how to use this inspired form of artistry for yourself. Or, if you’re wanting to use this clever and creative platform as a way of helping to launch your next product or promotion, you can work directly with Luana to have her create beautiful, mesmerising visual designs that will have your audience enchanted.


FACE CHART classes will show you how to create mind-blowing looks from scratch.

They will give you the autonomy to create without restriction and give you the ability to work through new ideas. Face Charts assist you in getting all your ideas down on paper and allow you to express yourself visually, finding your own voice to communicate what you want to do.

You will learn all the techniques necessary to start creating your own looks, from skin shading and shaping, to eye colouring, eyebrow painting and makeup application.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn how to blend products seamlessly
  • Discover how to create perfect lines and maintain a steady hand
  • Gain a better understanding of how to use colour (contour, highlight, shading)
  • Develop your colour combination skills
  • Be as creative as you like and want to go back for more!

These online Face Chart class will allow you to explore your makeup artistry skills as you learn new techniques, gain practical experience and are exposed to all areas of makeup, from product to application, and beyond.

In this class, you’re allowed to break the rules!

Classes include 6 video lessons and BONUS Face Chart template + PDF with tips and tricks.

Classes access available for 6 months.

What will you learn:

  • Learn to blend products seamlessly
  • Create perfect lines and maintain a steady hand
  • Gain a better understanding of how to use colour (contour, highlight, shading)
  • Develop your colour combination skills.
  • Be as creative as you would like and go back for more

Master your makeup artistry skills by leaning new techniques, gain practical experience in all fields makeup. Explore your artistry.

Facecharts allow us to break the rules, and use our inspiration to create unique looks.


Mastering the skin on a face chart is a big job. There are specific products and applicator that work best for this type of application. The face chart paper also plays a key role on face chart painting, the paper must have grip and enough texture for the foundation to stick to it.

During this lesson you will learn how to colour the skin using contour, shading and highlight and to create dimension to the face and make your chart more realistic.


If you are a glitter obsessed and love everything that blings this Masterclass is for you. You will learn how to achieve a beautiful glittery look creating a stunning editorial look.

From a subtle smudge to a bold look I will show you in detail how to apply glitter on a face chart while containing the mess and have a beautiful clean base. This Masterclass will teach you the hacks to working with a messy and delicate product to create extreme shine looks that will spark. You will learn how to apply glitter to bring your looks to the next level.


Master that high shine look using some simple tricks and a small amount of products to create a stunning look. Understand the techniques to create a glossy effect.

During this Masterclass you will learn to create a high fashion editorial look using different products and techniques to create a high shine face chart look.


Mixing colours with textures sounds like fun right? In this Masterclass you will learn how to create different textures and use colours to create a super fun face chart.

I will teach you the clever way use of textures to apply makeup and take you to the next level of your career. Colour contrast and textures like you haven’t seen before.

During this Masterclass you will learn how to use different products to achieve creative textures and effects in replacement of makeup products what otherwise would not work on paper. Your daily life experience will become an ongoing source of creativity.


Bold looks are created with the combination of products and creative embellishments. In this masterclass I will show you how to step up and create something amazing out of simple products.

Focusing on using special props to bring the look to life, I will share some secrets of the trade and guide you on creating a look that is out of this world.

During this Masterclass you will learn how to use different products in combination with craft tools to achieve creative textures and effects. You will never look at creative makeup the same way again.


This masterclass sounds delicious! Creating a high impact look using only one type of product sounds like a dream, right? I will show you how you can achieve a stunning face chart in a short period of time.

Understanding your products and how they can be layered and applied to the paper to create a beautiful yet creative editorial look is the goal of this masterclass.

During this Masterclass you will learn how to use a single product to craft an amazing look magazine worth. Learn and understand what you are capable of doing using a small number of products.


Face Charts are an exciting and innovative to express creativity and explore design.

Luana works directly with brands and businesses to capture the look they are wanting to achieve, and develops a Face Chart that beautifully expresses their vision.

Face Charts are used for a wide variety of purposes, from showcasing designs to clients, creating looks for brands and even as a way of bringing to life an image that has never been seen before.

These are a crowd-pleasing solution for product launches, campaign marketing and as a proven way to illustrate results directly to the consumer.

To discuss the ways a Face Chart could be a powerful addition to your next beauty experience, click the link below to connect directly with Luana.