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Makeup artistry is a creative field that is really only limited by the imagination of the artist. When exploring new designs and concepts, Facecharts offer a unique and innovative way to really unleash creative potential.

Makeup artists use face charting as a way to rewrite their own beauty rules. It is a true canvas for expression and an outlet for creativity. It also packs one heck of a visual punch! This medium allows for the development of fresh looks, the opportunity to experiment with products, and provides a way of visually demonstrating new and exciting trends and designs.

Facecharts can be used to develop and design editorial looks, to support brand and business campaigns and to promote new products.

Facecharts are an incredibly expressive, diverse and creative way to elevate your brand. This powerful tool immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and allows them to feel and experience a look, long before any product has even touched their skin.


Ever wonder why so many talented artists give up on their makeup careers? It’s because they end up just blending in instead of standing out! But guess what? I’ve got the solution to help you shine like a beauty superstar!

Get ready to level up your game with some seriously awesome techniques. We’re talking mind-blowing colour combinations, textures that will make heads turn, and the inside scoop on product ingredients that’ll make you a true master of your craft. Say goodbye to mediocrity and hello to mastery!

This Masterclass will transform the way you deliver and present your makeup looks. You’ll develop the tools and skills you need to create stronger, more innovative, more vibrant looks that excite the eye and capture the imagination.

Bring your career a step ahead by expanding your creative skills and rewriting your own beauty rules.


Face Charts are an exciting and innovative to express creativity and explore design.

Luana works directly with brands and businesses to capture the look they are wanting to achieve, and develops a Face Chart that beautifully expresses their vision.

Face Charts are used for a wide variety of purposes, from showcasing designs to clients, creating looks for brands and even as a way of bringing to life an image that has never been seen before.

These are a crowd-pleasing solution for product launches, campaign marketing and as a proven way to illustrate results directly to the consumer.

To discuss the ways a Face Chart could be a powerful addition to your next beauty experience, click the link below to connect directly with Luana.