Becoming your own makeup artist

Learning how to do my own makeup was not an easy task. For many years I would be bared face because I didn’t know what to buy or how to use the products, not to mention the final result being far from what I had hoped for.

“It’s hard to believe I went from not knowing how to apply my own foundation to becoming an internationally published makeup artist.”

I learnt and developed several techniques through training and practicing on my own, as well as industry tricks one can only learn with experience. That is why I created this Personal Makeup Course. This course is a consolidation of over ten years of experience and extensive knowledge in Makeup Application.

Working with the everyday women made me realise there is a huge gap in the current market where the ‘influencer’ look doesn’t always suit our taste or even our needs. With this information in mind I developed this makeup course to teach the absolute foundations of makeup, helping each person deal with what bothers them most when it comes to makeup.

Regardless if you are a makeup enthusiast, or want to refine your own makeup application, or even if you  intend on pursuing a career as a professional makeup artist in the future, this course will guide you step by step from basics to more advanced techniques so you can master your makeup application skills.

Personal Makeup Classes

The course

This online makeup course is broken down into small sections focusing on particular skills so you don’t need to watch a full makeup video just to learn how to cover dark circles. I will teach out the tricks not only to achieve a flawless finish but to learn how to make it last. Each lesson varies from a couple of minutes to up to 30min in duration and you decide which ones you would like to watch first.

The content

  • Makeup Products and Tools
  • Skin Care & Skin Prep
  • Foundation and Concealer – matching skin colour technique
  • Highlight and Contour
  • Face & Eye Shape
  • How to perfect your brows
  • How to apply Mascara & False Lashes
  • Drawing the Perfect Lip

The course is designed for you to learn how to enhance your natural beauty and feel confident with your makeup application.

Who is this course for

  • Beginners and beauty enthusiasts and anyone who wishes to improve their makeup skills
  • Time poor ladies, teens looking for an introduction to makeup basics
  • Mature women wishing to refresh their looks or techniques
  • Anyone who wants to create a flawless finish and a natural/day makeup look
  • Anyone looking to learn how to even skin tones, blemishes, scars and imperfections
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to transform a day look into an evening look

9 lessons + 4 bonus videos

These classes will teach you the basics of a flawless application, how to get your makeup done quickly and how to transform your day makeup into a night makeup look. Learn to cover skin imperfections using the colour theory and how to correctly match your skin colour. Understand how your face and eye shape impact on how you apply your makeup.


  • Quick everyday look
  • Day to night makeup
  • How to cover dark circles
  • How to cover acne scar
  • How to apply foundation / brushes or sponge
  • Quick bold look – adding colour to your look
  • Blush placement
  • Eyebrows – how to
  • Perfect mascara/lash


  • Face shapes
  • Eye shapes
  • Colour theory
  • Skin tone and skin undertone / colour matching
  • PDF with tips and tricks

**Classes available from the 1st December 2021**

Makeup classes
Makeup classs

6 lessons + 4 bonus videos

After completing level 1 you will be ready to go one step further. These classes will teach you to do full makeup looks with highlight and contour and create a long lasting makeup look for any event. Learn some important tips on how to maintain your makeup and tools sanitised, what tools do you actually need for your makeup application and I will also take you for a tour inside my makeup kit to show all my go to products.


  • 40 and flawless
  • Long lasting makeup for oily & combination skin
  • Long lasting makeup for dry & normal skin
  • Quick Smokey eye
  • Quick Wing liner
  • Bronze vs contour


  • How to clean makeup brushes
  • The few makeup tools you actually need
  • Preferred products – a tour through my kit
  • Makeup hygiene / expiry dates
  • PDF with tips and tricks

**Classes available from the 1st December 2021**